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CS148: Building Intelligent Robots is an introduction to fundamental topics in autonomous robot control. This course focuses on the development of "brains" for robots. That is, given a machine with sensing, actuation, and computation, how do we develop programs that allow the machine to function autonomously? The course development book is meant to be a resource for anyone interested in teaching a similar undergraduate robotics course or for robot hobbyists who want to get up and running with both a robot hardware and software platform. CS148 projects center on a "robot soccer" task, where students program the Brown iRobot Create/ASUS robots using either the Player/Stage/Gazebo (PSG) or the Robot Operating System (ROS) middleware framework.

The following outlines each of the chapters in the book.

Chapter 1: Course Objectives - An introduction to the course, a motivation for robotics, the concepts taught and 148 projects.

Chapter 2: Getting Started - The steps for assembling and remotely controlling a low-cost mobile robot, which we call the "SmURV", from "commercial off-the-shelf" (COTS) components.

Chapter 3: Robot Middleware - Introductions to Player and ROS, two middleware packages that provide an abstraction between the hardware and the robot client. This chapter walks through the steps of writing a simple client application in both middleware systems.

Chapter 4: Create Spotting

Chapter 5: Enclosure Escape

Chapter 6: Object Seeking

Chapter 7: Path Planning

Chapter 8: Localization

Chapter 9: Subsumption

Chapter 10: Multi-Robot Coordination

Chapter 11: Learning