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To connect to the Create via Bluetooth:

  1. Establish Bluetooth connection to "Element Serial"
  2. Put the following into the rfcomm configuration file, located at /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf:
 rfcomm0 {
         bind yes;
         device 00:0A:3A:2E:CB:D8;
         channel 1;

The device address should reflect the Bluetooth address of the Element Serial device. If you don't know the address, "hcitool scan" should report the addresses of all Bluetooth elements in range.

  1. Run the following:
 mknod --mode=666 /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0
 rfcomm connect /dev/rfcomm0
  1. Set the port parameter:
 rosparam set /brown/irobot_create_2_1/port /dev/rfcomm0

or, for a launch file:

 <param name="/brown/irobot_create_2_1/port" value="/dev/rfcomm0" />