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Agenda: 2011/12/06 T

  • One project and one quiz to go!
  • CS148
    • Path planning final -- 2 graded so far, final due date still Dec. 10 for everything.
    • Subsumption not yet graded.
    • IK out and running. Due Dec. 10.
    • Planning on grading everything Dec. 12.
  • Research

Agenda: 2011/11/29 T

  • Finishing classes.
  • CS148
    • Will grade path planning final. Sent out an email to schedule setup time with students.
    • Subsumption due Wednesday, followed by an in-class competition.
    • Wrote up IK assignment first draft.
      • Feedback?
      • Are you making a matlab file and passing it out, or am I?
  • Early graduation
    • I am happy with graduating early. I would be fine to start work earlier, and it would benefit me financially.
    • However, I will leave the final decision to you. I have a lot of respect for you and your goals, and I know my exit was unexpected at the onset of my project. If you would rather me stay around and bring research forward another semester (RSS and journal publication), I will be glad to do that. On the other hand, if you do not think this would be worth the time and money you would have to invest, I will be glad to leave with a Masters instead. Again, I will leave the final decision with you.

Agenda: 2011/11/22 T

  • Finishing up classes. I have 2 projects left. (Graphics Ray and Final.) I don't forsee spending more than 3 more days total.
  • Interviews: I have an offer from Google now, too.
  • CS148
    • Students should be good to go for subsumption. Tournament moved back to Wed. Nov. 30.
    • Writing up IK assignment. I'll get it out before break. When do you want it due?
    • Grading path planning final -- Can we have the students demo to us? Too much setup/config that's computer-dependent. (We even ran into this issue on the midterm.)
  • Research: Post-Thanksgiving

Agenda: 2011/11/15 T

  • Interviews: Done! Microsoft gave me an offer. Waiting to hear from Google.
  • CS148: What do we need to do?
  • Classes: Working on coursework this week. I might just try to push all my final projects out before Thanksgiving, so that I have 3 weeks of pure research after that before Christmas break.
  • Research: On track to restart at will. I sent my committee my webpage, including all publications and videos I have. Also, any wish lists for interesting things should I make the Turtlebot/PR2 do?

Agenda: 2011/11/02 T

  • Facebook gave me an offer; finishing stack of interviews now. Last interview is on Nov. 15.
  • CS148: On track to release subsumption Friday. Have not begun work on inverse kinematics yet.
  • Classes bogging me down a bit, but I'm still afloat.
  • Need to choose classes for next semester. Fulfilling PhD candidacy requirements and nothing more.
  • Research on track to restart mid-November. The plan is to ground lots of stuff using RFN and then to submit the results of that to R:SS.

Agenda: 2011/10/25 T

  • Current priorities:
    • Robotics (cs148) TAing
    • Job applications and interviews
    • Stay afloat in classes.
  • If Facebook gives me a job offer, my application scope narrows considerably. If not, I'm going to be bogged down until Dec. 1 with the application process.

Agenda: 2011/10/04 T

  • Current priorities:
    • Robotics (cs148) TAing
    • Job applications and interviews
    • Stay afloat in classes.
    • Will return to research after job season ends (late October?). But I'm going to overstretch myself if I try to do this now; it would result both in less job opportunities (and possibly more searching next semester) and not much research done anyway.
  • cs148
    • Looking into how to swap the global planner.

Agenda: 2011/09/27 T

Agenda: 2011/09/20 T

  • ICRA Paper -- done!
  • Working on job applications

Agenda: 2011/09/13 T

  • ICRA Paper

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