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(Experimental Tasks)
(Experimental Tasks)
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| Ball Tracking || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat  
| Ball Tracking || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat  
| Localize, Reach || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/last1 || same || same || [ training]  
| Localize, Reach || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/LocReachData/last1 || ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/LocReachData/learnedTouch.mat ||~jbutterf/multiRegressor/LocReachData/TestTouch || [ training]  
[ results]
[ results]

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The objective of this project is produce an ICRA paper that demonstrates the effectiveness of the HDP-HMM model, and multi-valued function regression in general, for robot learning from demonstration. Critical to this goal is producing experiments that demonstrate the advantages of this method for learning from demonstration.


Jesse Butterfield

Svn Pointer


Experimental Tasks

Task Data Collection Learned Expert Experiments Video
Ball Tracking ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/HT2F_PaperResults.mat
Localize, Reach ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/LocReachData/last1 ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/LocReachData/learnedTouch.mat ~jbutterf/multiRegressor/LocReachData/TestTouch training


Grasping Todo Todo Todo
Simple Assembly (One stick, one ball) Todo Todo Todo
Build Gate Todo Todo Todo
Build 3-simplex Todo Todo Todo


This project depends on the MuliRegressor project, rosmatlab, and the nao teleop project Internal:NaoTeleop.

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