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The HBase Server

Logging in HBase

If logging data for the first time, add the following line to your .bashrc file:

 export PYTHONPATH="/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages"

Otherwise you will get the following error when running the hbase ros node: "ImportError: No module named thrift"

Logging ROS messages in HBase is very easy. Check out the hbase ros node currently in the experimental section of brown-ros-pkg. In the bin directory is a script called record which takes two or more arguments. The first id is a session-id which is simply a string used to retrieve your session later. The subsequent arguments are the names of the topics you wish to record. It searches for the exact topic, so be careful with capitalization and remember all topic names start with /. When you're finished recording simply hit Ctrl-C, and your data is logged in the repository. Currently there can be issues with data loss if the server is shut down improperly, so be careful.


The following command logs the four topics /headF /cmd_Larm /cmd_Rarm /blobs under the session-id 3simplex1

 ./record 3simplex1 /headF /cmd_Larm /cmd_Rarm /blobs

Retrieving Data from HBase

Browsing the Table

Retrieving and Filtering Data