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Temp Main Page for the Private Portion of the Wiki

Internal: Principles

  • our core principles, for robotics, academic, and life

Internal: Project space

  • space for sharing progress on specific projects and global rlab efforts
  • weekly individual agendas and results
  • collaborative space for non-repository sharing
  • conference/journal/deadline spreadsheet

Internal:Multimedia Repository or should this point to flickr and youtube accounts?

  • replacement for /pro/rlab/media and dispersed rlab multimedia
  • all pictures, videos, and multimedia should be available from here
  • even intermediate/preliminary results
  • need to merge brownrobotics with brownrlab youtube acct

Internal:Meeting Schedule or should we just point to Gcalendar?

Internal:Publication Archive or should this point to git/svn repository?

  • replacement for /pro/rlab/publications

Internal:Talk Archive or should this point to git/svn repository?

  • supplement to publication archive for talks not directly associated with a single publication


  • general resources for the group (procedures, mailing lists, latex, links, etc.)

Internal:CS295-Z Class Resources


Internal:Lab Organization