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Meshnet implementation

  • 5/11/10: (ar_navigate) go to a specific point (x,y) starting from a random location in an open area with AR tags based localization
  • 5/18/10: (ar_map_navigate) navigate among 2 poitns using a topological map of the environment, e.g. go from AI lab to room 411 autonomously
  • 5/25/10: (ar_map_navigate_bumpers) incorporate bumpers into the navigation procedure
  • 6/1/10:(ar_explore) explore area till an object of interest is detected
  • 6/8/10: (ar_navigation_tracker_web) visualize environment and motion of robots in it (like current position tracker web ROS node)
  • 6/15/10: (message_passing) inter-robot communication
    • batman_mesh_info: queries BATMAN and returns the list of neighbors and the corresponding link quality
    • coordination_client: ROS node for sending messages (/position topic for now) to neighbors
    • coordination_server: ROS node for receiving messages from other robots and doing sth interesting with that info
  • 6/19/10 - 7/5/10: 1 week Dagstuhl seminar, 1 week in Greece
  • July - August: incorporate wireless signal & experiments

Meshnet deployment

  • June - August: formulate multi-robot coordination algorithm
  • Sept 15th: ICRA deadline (or/and HRI?)

Thesis proposal

  • June: need to have a first version of a proposal (or abstract) to send to potential committee members?
  • Sept 15th: proposal document to the commitee

Action items

  • This task is too vague. Break down into specific milestones (1-chain,n-chain,n-search,n-coordinate,n-coordinate-nolocalize,etc.)
  • Add components to graph relating to BATMAN and other nodes you are developing for multi-robot mesh network and possible coordination components.