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Running the Nao AR Teleop Demo

This demo currently provides control of the right arm of the nao through ar tags.


The two bots expect to connect to a roscore on maria ( on port 1234. If you cannot launch such a core, it is probably because one is already running. It should be fine to use the pre-running core. To run this package you need to checkout the source code at This will probably conflict with the aldebaran_nao package if you already have that one, so you might want to move it out of your ros search path.

Starting the Bots

  1. Turn the red bot on
  2. wait until you can ping it:
  3. log into the bot:
    ssh (password is also nao)
  4. start on thing2:
    cd naoros; cd run; source envConfig; python

Starting the client nodes

on maria

  1. Start a gscam node
  2. Start an ar_recog node and calibrate the distance
  3. Set your control tag ids in nao_camera_tele/arms.launch to the ids of the ar tags you are using.
  4. Start the nao_camera_tele node

roslaunch nao_camera_tele arms.launch


  • The right arm will copy the movements made with the right arm tag when the ar tag is within 20cm and 60cm of the camera.
  • The right hand will close whenever the right hand tag is on screen. It will open when you move the tag off screen.


  • If you can't ssh to the robot using it's dns name, try ssh-ing using its ip address. This can be obtained verbally from the robot by pressing its chest button.
  • If one of the ros nodes on the robots crashes on startup with a message about being unable to initialize a ros node, this is probably a failure of the dns name. Try setting the ROS_IP on the robot to the robot's ip address, e.g.
    export ROS_IP=
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