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Instructions for Running Demos

Internal: Nao Demo links the two Nao robots and a wii through a teleoperation interface.

Internal: Nao Demo 2 links the two Nao robots through a teleoperation interface. Provides control over both arms and the head.

Internal: Nao Camera Teleop allows you to control the right arm of the Nao using ar tags.

Internal: Planar Tracker allows a camera at an arbitrary position to track positions of AR-tagged robots on a flat surface.

Internal: RoboFrameNet allows you to run the RoboFrameNet (RFN) demos on the PR2 and Turtlebot.

Internal: NXT ROS allows the Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots to be used in the ROS environment.

Internal: NXT Mini Remote Lab uses an NXT robot, ar_recog, and rosjs to provide a remote lab complete with trackpad teleoperation and a rendered overhead view.

Paper Reviewing and Presentation

Internal: Guidelines for Paper Reviewing

Internal: Guidelines for Paper Presentations

Infrastructure Howtos

Making New ARTags

PS3 Camera Driver Howto

Internal: Gscam provides a Gstreamer-based camera interface that follows the ROS camera API

Internal: Video Uploading Provides help for editing and sharing video.

Internal: Bluetooth Serial How to start the rfcomm0 device for controlling the Create.

Internal: topic forwarding How to forward messages between different ROS cores

Internal: Using Gstreamer and UDP to offload computational demands

Cmvision Describes a bug fix for the CMVision blobfinder

OverheadLocalization Describes how to set up and use the overhead localization system for CS148

Blob_ar_tracker How to merge blobs and ARTags to the one topic

Wiki Editing Instructions and Help

User's Guide

Configuration settings list

MediaWiki FAQ

MediaWiki release mailing list

Miscellaneous Articles

Internal: Computer Evaluation Observations and tests regarding selecting a computer as a robot controller.

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