The Brown University Robotics Group welcomes you!

The Brown University Robotics Group strives to realize robots and autonomous systems that are effective collaborators for humans.

The group explores problems in human-robot interaction, robot learning & perception, robotic protocols & data representation, robot middleware, autonomous control, dexterous manipulation, and game development.

In collaboration with Bosch Research, we have developed the PR2 Remote Lab.  The PR2 Remote Lab is an open-source web-based remote robot laboratory for the PR2 robot.  Check out the introductory video for a look at some of the Remote Lab features.

Reproducibility and interoperability of our work is a primary goal of the Brown Robotics Group. We are active contributors to the ROS effort through our brown-ros-pkg repository.

The software available in the brown-ros-pkg includes:

  • The rosbridge protocol: an applications layer protocol for robotics, used in rosbridge, ROS, and the PR2 remote lab.
  • rosbridge: A ROS node to expose ROS communication to the outside world. It implements the rosbridge protocol over standard TCP and websockets connections.
  • rosjs: A javascript implementation of the rosbridge protocol effecting a web browser interface to ROS.
  • gscam: A ROS webcam node which leverages Gstreamer – providing compatibility with most Linux webcams and video systems.
  • ar_recog: A ROS node which leverages ARToolKit to recognize AR tags in image streams.
  • irobot_create_2_1: A driver for the iRobot Create and a lightweight Python binding.

For an archive of older information, see the previous Brown Robotics website.

Latest Post: ICRA 2012 – Even more sushi!

Chad, Jihoon and Stephen will be at ICRA and ROSCon this year, and will be taking part in the “Yesterday’s Sushi Challenge”, organised by Willow Garage. Come by to check out our sushi-loving robots!

The website for the challenge is