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rosbridge/Arduino video tutorial

Following his previous tutorial, Trevor has created a new video tutorial for using rosbridge to 1) very simply connect an Arduino device to ROS, and 2) use the device’s distance sensor to control the color of a webpage. Go to 25:08 to see the demo resulting from the tutorial:


rosbridge in 10 minutes video tutorial

Having trouble using ROS with your robot in ROS in your favorite environment (e.g. Windows, Arduino, web browser, Android, iPhone)? If so, rosbridge provides a means to use all of what ROS has to offer purely through network messaging.

Trevor has posted a great video tutorial for no-frills lightweight usage of rosbridge from the command line. Just by sending simple JSON formatted strings, you can publish and subscribe to ROS topics, perform introspection, and more. The video assumes familiarity with Unix command line tools and publish-subscribe messaging in ROS.

Trevor’s tutorial notes


PR2 Hackathon Video!

Jihoon put together a great video for the block builder hackathon. Check it out:


PR2 Block Building Hackathon

Brown Robotics held a hackathon in the final week of January 2012.  We implemented a block building node for the PR2, which drives the PR2 to pick up toy blocks and place them according to a user-specified design.

Check out the hackathon summary page for more info!

Also check out the block builder interface here.



Commanding Robots Using Natural Language

Would you like to see a robot give a high five by just asking it to? Brian Thomas, from the Brown University Robotics Group, came up with a way to command robots to give a high five and perform many other actions using spoken or written language. During his internship at Willow Garage, Brian developed a system, called RoboFrameNet, so that robots respond to pre-programmed spoken or written human language actions.

Full article on the Willow Garage website.