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rosbridge in 10 minutes video tutorial

Having trouble using ROS with your robot in ROS in your favorite environment (e.g. Windows, Arduino, web browser, Android, iPhone)? If so, rosbridge provides a means to use all of what ROS has to offer purely through network messaging. Trevor has posted a great video tutorial for no-frills lightweight usage of rosbridge from the command [...]


Kuka YouBot has arrived!

  After 15 months of waiting, our Kuka YouBot finally arrived, or at least the base has arrived.  I saw working prototype of the YouBot at IROS 2008 and, since then, have been anxiously anticipating getting one of these for the lab.  This is one of the few commercial-off-the-shelf mobile manipulation platforms, although we will [...]


Writing Useful Reviews

One of the biggest frustrations as a research is getting a “bad” review for a paper.  I do not mean “bad” a review that recommended rejection for a conference or journal.  I also do not mean “bad” as in a review that looked unfavorably on my work, or had highly pointed criticisms.  I mean a [...]


Conference presentation advice

Presenting talks at conferences and workshops is an essential part of research.  Presentations are one of the main ways we disseminate we have learned to our research community and the greater public.  My main goal in presentations is to get the audience excited about my problem and results such that they want to read and [...]